Newborn photoshoots in Amsterdam – the sweet story of the first days of your baby.


I’ve been doing newborn photoshoots in Amsterdam for years now and they’re still my favorites. Every time I go back through the photos I deliver to my clients, I simply smile (a lot).

I enjoy so much seeing families chilling with their little one at home, contemplating in awe the sweet little piece of their souls that have just arrived earthside to change it all.

Family and Baby Photographer

If you’re planning to have a photo session in your house, there’s actually no urge to get it done when your little one is just days old. You can read this article right here where I talk about that and about what’s the best age to photograph your baby. But no matter what type of session you’re aiming for, if you want to capture the tiny details that will fade so (SO) fast, I highly recommend you book your session during the pregnancy. And to do so well in advance.

newborn feet and tummy

You’d be amazed by how fast your baby’s features change completely, how soon that tiny one stops fitting in your chest so perfectly, and how much those images will grow in value. I swear there’s no parent who receives their gallery who doesn’t get emotional and happy seeing what a beautiful family they’re building.

Of course, there are a few tips that will help you to enjoy the session and get the best of it. You can read some of those here. But each family is different and if, for example, you have older children, the session will have a different vibe (I’ll have much more fun, I’m sure of it!).

Newborn photoshoots in Amsterdam – Is an in-home session for you?

In-home photographic sessions ain’t for everyone and that’s great. I aim for photographing the nostalgic ones who will love keeping real sweet memories of their kids’ childhood. It’s a different kind of photography, not the one everybody is used to, and you might wonder if it’s for you. If that’s the case, I have you covered: you can check this article and check out who is an in-home session for.

But if seeing these images makes your heart beat faster, longing for the day you’ll finally hold your little one in your arms, and wishing you can have images like these to treasure, then you might want to reach out soon. I have spots for newborn photoshoots in Amsterdam, but they tend to fill pretty up soon.

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