Black and White picture, toddler playing with his father sunglasses while dad's giving an applause and laughing. Documentary photoshoot in Amsterdam Pricing Family Photography

Hiring a photographer is giving yourself the opportunity of preserving and treasuring the sweet chaos of family life.

But it’s also an investment of time and money.

That’s why I think it’s so important that my clients not only get digital files but also, that they hold good quality prints that they can frame, put in an album and pass down through generations.

My pricing reflects the time, love and dedication I put in my job, but also what it takes to run a sustainable business and the dream to keep always offering the gift of memories to my amazing clients



All my packages include prints so you can hold your images in your hands, feel the texture and keep them as a family treasure.

Pictures are color optimized and checked for quality.
I’ll make sure that what you get is something that you love.

If you want/need something different, don’t hesitate to contact me so we can work in a package that adjusts to your wishes.

Lucrecia takes beautiful pictures that are real and full of emotion. I can’t recommend her more highly-

Seriously, don’t hesitate!

−Kaetlyn R.

All prices are subject to change without warning. Prices are locked in once you book your session.