How does a session look like?


How does a session look like?
What’s a slide of photos?
Do you only deliver black & white pictures?
My kids are a bit wild, I don’t know if they’ll behave for a photoshoot, do you think it would be a good idea?
Do you deliver portraits?

I decided to answer those questions people often ask me by posting the slide of one of my favorite sessions ever.
Pst: This is a shorter version of the full slideshow optimized for my web.

This is a family photoshoot (or a maternity photoshoot) that includes wild children, family portraits and color pictures.

The session lasted 3 hours and at the end, I delivered way more than 100 pictures.

And I’m so happy about having met them and enjoyed a Saturday morning in their home 🥰



If you want a photo session where you can be just yourself while enjoying quality time with your family, you can contact me to know more about my work.

You can have a stress-free photoshoot where you are just you and what you get in your photos, are real memories.

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