Leaving The Netherlands? Something you may want to add to that expat checklist – by Amsterdam Photographer Lucrecia Carosi


Life is chaos and moving abroad doesn’t escape from that reality. When leaving The Netherlands (or any country) there are tons of things to do and to think about, and in the rush, we sometimes pay less attention to very important things. Intimate, emotive things related to the bonding we create with the place where we live and that for so many months (or years) we make it our home.

The last (very) long months of uncertainty and confinement got me thinking a lot about my house and the things I do to feel at home. What that feeling means and why I chose to register it. And it got me thinking also about how many things we normalize that are actually so different from one country to another.

I guess I’m not the only one because last year (and this one also) many families contacted me to have a photoshoot done before they leave.

Previous to the lockdown, most people who were moving abroad wanted a photoshoot outdoors to have a few memories of the city, but lately more and more families are asking for photos indoors to have memories of that place they called home while living here.

If you’re leaving The Netherlands, consider a photoshoot.

If you’re leaving The Netherlands, you’re probably thinking about taking some photos as a souvenir. And you also may consider hiring a photographer. In that case, especially if you have children, don’t settle only for photos outdoors.

The place where you cuddle with your children in the morning, where you have breakfast together, where you get ready for school, and many times, the first home of your children, is worthy to be kept and treasured.

Many days will come when you talk about your memories, and you will want to have images at hand to show your little ones how was the place where they started walking or where they learned to break an egg to help you out with dinner (or muffins!).

Here are some ideas for your photoshoot:

The session can start early in the morning to capture those slow and sleepy smiles with eyes half open.

You can then have breakfast together like you always do (or you can plan something special for that day, of course!), with your games, the ordinary mess, and the small family rituals. The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house and it’s where most families spend the majority of their time together. If that’s your case, you’ll want to have memories of how those moments were while you were here.

Breakfast is by far my favorite activity to plan for a family photoshoot indoors. It’s always fun, it engages the whole family and it allows you to spoil your little ones with something they love to eat, which makes them extra happy and adds a lot of smiles to your imagery. You can read more about it here.

After that, you can simply have fun with your children in a different spot of your house. Dancing, playing silly games, jumping on the couch, whatever they love to do there, so you can be sure you have the most amazing smiles on their faces.

Be present and relax

Take some time to sit and enjoy your family, to be present, and to relax. You can pick a special spot for this, or you can simply sit on the couch and take some time to think about all the things you learned and earned while being here, the amazing life you’re living and the beautiful life you’ll have.

If you have a backyard or a roof, we can take some photos there too! That place will be for sure so important when you talk about your old life in The Netherlands, especially if you use it to spend time with other friends or to make some picnics or barbecues!

You should consider the light especially for this kind of photo, to avoid harsh light that can make you frown, and also, to enhance the landscape if you have a beautiful view that you want to remember.

The simple, ordinary rituals that are full of fun and magic should be part of your photos too. Those small things are the ones who become so relevant and emotive once our children get older.

Going outdoors

And of course, once you have it all covered inside, take a walk around the city. Go to those places that are now part of your everyday routine and which frame so many of the memories you’re making.

Think about the spots you love, not necessarily the ones where tourists take photos. The bridge you cross to go shopping, the playground where your kids learned to climb or where they play with their friends, the streets you walk daily. The pieces that now are part of that bigger place you call home.

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