But people want that kind of pictures?


I should probably get better talking about my work because more than once I hear this question: but people want that?
On the other hand, when people are searching for a family photographer on google and they see and like my work, they contact me because they find my pictures genuine. “It’s real life” someone told me last week and that, to be honest, made me feel very proud.

So yes, apparently, people do want that. But of course, it’s still hard to imagine some stranger inside your house taking pictures of your ordinary life, especially during the morning when you probably have your hair all messed up and of course, you don’t feel like of cleaning the disaster your children made last night before going to bed.

Real life is a mess. But we love it.
We adore our families and children. We care about them, we know they love us, we struggle with the everyday chores but we also have SO MUCH FUN.

There’s nothing less like instagram or pinterest than real life.

Yet we can’t help to look for a photographer thinking about the perfect family photos we see on those platforms.

But here’s an example of a really bad photo that we love so much we just don’t care and share with everyone: the picture of the ultrasound we had during pregnancy.
It’s so emotional that the minute we look at that picture we remember how it felt to be contemplating our little for the first time while hearing his/her heartbeats and we just don’t care if it’s impossible to understand the image: we love it, it’s our baby, our moment, one of the best moments of our life.

In our ordinary days we live so many moments like that that we take for granted but in fact, they will last just for a few years: there’ll be a day when our child won’t run to the door screaming “mama, you’re home!” when we arrive from work. One day we’ll put our child on the floor and it’ll be the last time we’ve held him/her in our arms.

cooking with your toddler on the countertop trying to make things peacefully

If you knew today is the last day you’ll be cooking with your kid sitting in the countertop, I’m sure you’d want a picture of that.
Because everyday life with kids, even if it’s a mess, it’s the most perfect mess you can have, it’s one of the most beautiful things you could build.

So when somebody asks me “but people want that kind of photos?” I proudly say YES. Because I know they do. And I also know that those persons who don’t understand what I’m talking about would love to have them too.

I believe in my work, I’m passionate about it, and even when people don’t want to hire a photographer to have images of their ordinary days, I insist: you don’t have to hire a photographer for that, but please don’t stop taking pictures of your everyday life, in just a few years you and your children will love that.

Final toughts

There’s a lot of reasons why I choose documentary photography to capture families’s lives. You could see them here.
And also, there are reasons why just doing the photoshoot at your place, you could read some here and here.

Family & Baby Photographer in Amsterdam. Let's make amazing, wild and tender photos of your everyday life. No posing, not matching clothes, not feeling embarrased... just being stunningly you.

But if you still on the fence and you’re not sure about that, perhaps you can just CONTACT ME so we can talk about what are the things of your family life that make you happy, what are the things that make you an awesome parent, why you deserve to have beautiful pictures of your family as you love it.