Why having a photoshoot at home?


It’s no mystery that I love in-home sessions. Now I want to share with you reasons why having a photoshoot at home it’s a great idea for your family too:

1) Because you want to keep memories of the first days of your baby.

The first weeks go so fast! Your cellphone is so focused on taking pictures of your baby (and your other children if you have more), you need someone else taking pictures of you with your child. The way you make eye contact with your baby, the sweet pain of breastfeeding a newborn, how much you take care of your other children at the same time.

2) To hold in images everything that makes you a family.

Your little everyday rituals, having breakfast together, making dinner with your children. Their favorite games, the time you spend reading children books for them, how many times a day you hug them and how many hours your children spend in your arms.

3) Because a photoshoot at home is more simple if you have more than one children.

You don’t have to drive or take a bus. You just have to wait for me to arrive and just let your kids be themselves and enjoy the moment with you.

4) Because you’re breastfeeding on demand and sometimes that’s exhausting.

Staying at home being comfortable with your baby and your tiredness, being photographed by a person who feels empathy, respect, and admiration for what you’re doing, it’s a way of pampering yourself too.

5) Because it’s real, easy and relaxed.

I was reading Julie Abreu’s blog, an amazing photographer based in Melbourne, and came across with this paragraph with which I fully agree: “Having me at your place, on a normal day, allows to capture the real events of your everyday, without pretending, faking smiles or feeling a sense of urgency. There is no rush because I am around for longer, and you can let your day unfold as it does without me around. We can stay home or go places. We can do crafts, jump in muddy puddles, go to your favorite op shop, have breakfast in your kitchen or at your local cafe. You can be in PJs and put on a fancy dress later. You can just be you.

6) Because you know it’s lovely to have cute pictures of your children.

But also, it will be amazing for them to have images of how awesome their parents are and how much loved they were in every little thing their mom and dad did for them every day.

Final thoughts about having a photo shoot at home

Reasons why having a photoshoot at home could be endless. In every family, there are different arguments why a photoshoot at home would work great with them.

If you agree with me, and you think family photos are not only for you but also for your children, why don’t you contact me? We can have fun, they can have fun, and you will get tender and joyful photos of how awesome your family is right now.