9 tips to take better pictures of your children


If you have young kids you probably spend a lot of time watching them and, of course, photographing them!

You love them, you like them, they’re the most beautiful thing in your life… how could you stop capturing them with your camera, even if you just have a phone to do it?

So I want to share with you this 9 tips to take better pictures of your children, so you can capture all those precious moments you enjoy with them and get great pictures that you’ll want to print.

7 tips about how to take better pictures of your children
Let them be children

1) Let them be children

Don’t lose your time trying to get them to pose, just let them enjoy what they’re doing and capture that happiness.

Get Closer

2) Get closer

If you use your phone, don’t use the zoom, it seriously degrades the quality of the image.
If you can’t get closer, you better crop it later.

Amsterdam Family Photographer, Christmas lights haarlemmerstraat
Look for the light

3) Look for the light

Golden hour is amazing, but it’s not the only light available.
You can get great pictures no matter the time, just move until you get it.

Amsterdam family photographer
Use the windows

4) Windows are your best friends

Take advantage of the most perfect light you can get inside your home!

Documentary family photographer Amsterdam
Get down to their level

5) Get down to their level

See the world in their perspective and embrace the fun.

Toddler in the park
Don’t force them to pose

6) Be respectful

If your kid doesn’t want pictures, to force him/her won’t help.
We better show our children we respect their will. They’re humans after all.
Pictures can wait, they’ll thank you later.

Be in the picture

7) Be in the picture

No matter if it’s just a selfie, have pictures with your children.
They love you and they will love to have photos with you, especially when they’re older.
You don’t have to upload and share every picture you have with your kids, so forget if your hair is a big mess and just click! Childhood is short, get all the photos you can while it last and don’t let yourself out of it.

Documentary photography, toddler running in the kitchen
Children move a lot!

8) Take a lot of pictures!

Children move a ton!
It’s hard to capture them just in one shot. Just keep trying until you get it.
(You can delete the bad pictures later)

And last but not least:

9) Learn how to use your camera

If you bought yourself a camera but you don’t know how to use all those cool functions it has, and you need a little push to start using it, maybe it’s time to ask for some extra support.

Get in touch! I can help you to learn how to take better pictures of your kids.

But if you’re still on the fence and you think photography is not your thing, perhaps you can just book your documentary session. Click here to see how the session works or in this link to get more info about my work.

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