Our first snowfall!


We had our first snowfall here in Amsterdam, but that’s not so importan.

The big thing is, I mean, the HUGE thing is that Helena and I met the snow for the first time in our lives.

I am 33 years old and she is only 2. So this could be a post about how an adult feel when he feels for the first time the little snowflakes hitting his face during a cold night in the street during the winter.
Oh yes, I haven’t stop smiling for hours. I was laughing while walking back home trying to watch the snow falling and dancing in the wind but I couldn’t because it keeped hitting my eyes and I was so afraid of falling!

But this won’t be about me. Well, yes, it will be about me but not about my first snowfall experience, it will be about how amazing is to take your children to do something for the first time.

To be there to enjoy watching them being surprised, being so happy playing with something new and exiting.

Helena is a child. She has the honesty of a 2 years old kid so when she’s happy she shows it with all her body. She doesn’t keep anything just to her, she’s not afraid of expressing too much, her surprise face is no secret and I love that about children so much.

I love being there for my children when they can’t hide what they’re feeling and to be able of put into words what they’re experiencing, to be able of being happy with them and as happy as they are.

While she was running through the snow, touching it and trying to hold it, discovering the coldness and how that can hurt your hands, learning how to build a snowman with branches and little stones, I was amazed.
I think I could not take enough pictures because I wanted so much to look at her and to enjoy that moment of fairy tales we have never had before.

We met the snow for the first time. We grown up together. We were amazed together. We were inexplicably happy, embracing the magic of childhood, the overwhelming of motherhood.

I am old enough to remember that moment for the rest of my life and lucky Helena, she’ll can remember it too while looking at these pictures.