Fast tips to rock your newborn or baby session at home


Planning a cozy and relaxed newborn or baby session at home?
Here are some tips to get the best of it!

1) Keep your home warm for the session.

Just enough so if your tiny one needs a change of clothes or you want to put different clothes for the session, he or she won’t get too annoyed about it.

2) Have a separate pack of clothes ready

You’ll probably want your baby to wear at least two outfits for the session. It’s common that while I’m there, the baby needs a diaper change. Parents love to take that chance to put different clothes on their little ones (not only because I’m there, but also because babies grow so fast that they know it might be the only chance to see them wearing a certain onesie or blouse).

But it’s also pretty standard that babies get a bit messy when burping after being fed. Those “accidents” happen every day. Baby vomit is part of your parenting journey and we’ll naturally take them for what they are.

baby girl contemplating at her dad, while holding his hand

3) Choose clothes that are easy to put on and to take off.

For the same reason, and because babies get a bit fussy when parents change them their clothes, the easier the process is, the better.
Some pants or a bodysuit that let their feet bare will allow me to capture those tiny muffins more easily.

mom breastfeeding her newborn. Mom has red hair, her chest and arms are fully covered by tatooes, they're on a blue couch.

4) Get a spot ready to feed 

If you know you’ll need to feed your baby during the session, having a spot ready helps a lot. You can choose to do it on your bed, or on your couch. Wherever is comfortable for you will be fine. But if you especially want those pictures, consider the light and also, the things that you’ll have around.
And I don’t mean you need to move all your furniture. But if the light comes from the side it would be lovely (next to a window is much better than with a window behind you, for example), so perhaps you can move a chair to be next to a nice source of light if you realize that your couch or bed won’t work.
If you’re not sure, don’t worry. I’ll help you while I’m there and let you know if a place works better than the other.

Mother smelling her newborn's head

5) Let yourself to be led by your little one

We won’t try to keep your little one asleep and we won’t make them wait if their hungry or in the need of a diaper change. Pictures can wait a bit. We’ll have time and we’ll do things smoothly.

dad holding his newborn baby girl while his two older kids are next to them, smiling

6) What about your older children?

If you have older children, we’ll let them be the ones leading us. They’ll become the main character of the day and we’ll let them feel it. Becoming an older sibling is a huge change and we’ll take their emotions seriously. You can read more about what to expect from your family or newborn photoshoot with a toddler in this link.

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