If my brand were a person…


A few days ago, during a course (if you speak Spanish and you’re an entrepreneur, I very much recommend you to check this), I’ve been asked if my brand were a person what would she be like?

(yes, my brand is a she)

And it’s been terrific to think about that, I loved the process so much that now I want to share the results with you.

So if my brand were a person she would be spontaneous, with a big sense of humor. But she would also be respectful.

She wouldn’t like luxury or the pressure for looking perfects.

She’d care about the world: racism, xenophobia, sexism and extractivism are definitely not her friends.

My brand wants people to be happy.

She’s a feminist and she wants every woman, especially the ones who decide to have children and to raise them with respect and empathy to feel empowered, accompanied and understood.

She loves music and movies. Radiohead and Yan Tiersenn are her favorites. She also adores Tim Burton and Wess Anderson. But her favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

My brand has a lot of me. And I love that. But she isn’t me. She’s speaks English, she’s not so self-taught and she accepts help easier.

Even when we share so many passions, especially to photograph families… I guess my brand is unique because the more I learn about her, I realize she’s just one of a kind.