oh monday! the parenthood battle


oh monday!

another week begins and all the things you always do are there: routine of changind diapers, clothes, of washing teeths and making breakfast.

You chase your kids to put them their coats on, you take them to school or you take them with you to the market, you try to fit them in the bike or the stroller… oh the routine of having no time to do it all, the stresfull life of being a parent.

Do you realize all you do for your kids? How much your life has change?

Do you realize that this routine of runing, chasing, looking for a shoe everywhere in your house and going crazy while you try to sit your toddler in the car seat is so ful of love and care?

How many things of the everyday you miss even when you’re on vacation?

The chaotic parenthood… the things you turn anecdotes and tell to your friends and to your kids when they’re older are full of these moments. The way you start every week, every morning, the noisy kitchen, the floor full of toys, the lego sticking in your feet, the laughs, the hugs, the goodnight kisses and the beautiful silent before you start all over again.