A book of memories – Amsterdam Family Photographer


You know, I believe that photos belong to paper. I believe in the bonding created when sharing printed memories with friends and family. And I believe in the power of seeing our photos displayed on our house no matter how but showing how proud we are of our family, of our little ones.

It’s not only that I care about the chances of files getting corrupted or clouds being hacked. I also think that touching and holding our memories is a kind of a magical thing. It adds meaning and they become a real heirloom.

But also, because I chose to photograph memories, I believe that there’s no better tangible form to hold them than a photobook. It gives you the opportunity to read the story of the moments I captured, it offers a narrative and allows you to pass it down to your children and grandchildren who will be able to grasp it too.

How did that morning start? What did you have for breakfast? Who cooked? What games did you play after that? Was it fun, boring, hectic?

A photobook is also the place for the details we want to keep because they’re part of our story but that would look incomplete if printed separated from the rest.

On your coffee table or safe between your most-loved memories, it will be always at hand, waiting for you to go through its pages. No internet or plug needed, just light, a cup of tea, and the wish of getting nostalgic reviving our loving memories.