5 moments your kids will crave when they’re grown (and that are worth preserving)


Childhood living… those candid years when we didn’t need to mumble our craziest dreams because we weren’t afraid of saying them aloud. Wasn’t it amazing?

Now being a mom I constantly think in retrospective what things I regret not having photographed of my first child, but also, what things I miss of my own childhood. Which moments I crave and would love to have on images.
Which ones I do have in my photo albums and I love so much to see.

I’m lucky of having a job that allows me live of what I love and consider so important: documenting real stories, real moments, a candid childhood that my youngest clients will preserve and adore for the rest of their lives.

These 5 moments come to my mind right now. What other moments would you add to it?

1 – The first cuddles

I’m the first child of 2. I was born after a long period of trying and my mom was the kind of woman who wanted nothing more than being a mother.
She was young and even if I have images of me as baby, I wish I had a photo of her contemplating at me (her first child) after so many months of daydreaming about that moment.
I wish I had a picture of the look on her face when she realized all her illusions came to life.
Images of me nestling on her chest while she singed to help me fall asleep.
Have you ever consider a photoshoot for your baby that captures not only his/her beauty but also, the memories they’d love to have when being older?

Amsterdam Baby and Family Photographer Newborn just a few hours old resting in her mom's chest in the hospital. His little hands are strongly holding her mom and dad's fingers. Mom is smiling while looking at her baby. Photography in black and white. Documentary newborn photoshoot. Lying-in with your baby, newborn photographer, amsterdam, family

2 – The moments they share with their pets

Pets are part of the family. You count on them for support, you’re there for them when they need you, you’d do anything for them.
To have them in your pictures, to have images of your kids’ childhood including your dog, cat or whatever pet you may have, is preserving a part of your children’s story that they will contemplate with deep love and full of nostalgia.

Little girl, less than one year old, playing with her dog. Black and white photography

3 – The morning routines

This is a moment that your kids will love to have when they’re grown and of course… you will too.
Things that now seem a bit messy, and sometimes overwhelming, are things that we crave so much when we don’t have them anymore.
The morning rituals… so underrated when they’re little and so deeply missed when the house is suddenly silent because they’re waking up in their own homes.

mom laughing while her toddler is drinking yogurth Dad cooking in the kitchen with his little toddler. Both standing, looking at each other, having a conversation. Picture in black and white. Day in the life, documentary family and baby photographer amsterdam, netherlands cooking with your toddler on the countertop trying to make things peacefully

4 – Quality time shared with you

Real moments of joy. What else could I add?

Black and White picture, toddler playing with his father sunglasses while dad's giving an applause and laughing. Documentary photoshoot in Amsterdam dad playing with their daughters during a morning in a documentary photo shoot in Amsterdam Amsterdam family and baby photographer

5 – Moments of them just being kids

Once we grow up, we miss a lot of our uniqueness. Our genuine self gets molded by prejudices, pudor and taboos.
We stop crying or laughing with all our body, we don’t sing aloud in front of people, we don’t say many things just because we’re afraid of looking stupid or too sensitive.
But kids are free.
And they sing, laugh, cry and dance without any consideration about what others may think and that’s so freaking awesome we must retain it somehow.
When they’re old they’ll love to remember how it felt to have that freedom of being genuine without concerns, without feeling ashame, just wanting to express themselves.
Wouldn’t you?

What other moments would you add?

Every family has different values, routines and rituals. And for every child, there’s something unique and special.

You’re giving to your kids the best of yourself every day. Let them preserve those beautiful smiles you put on them every day by documenting the things that now look mundane but, in a few years, will be the most loved treasure they can possibly have.

Let’s connect and make the perfect present for the adult your child will be.