Should I look at the camera?


This is the question most frequently asked at the beginning of the session/day: should I look at the camera? Should we act as if you’re not here?

And even sometimes it happens that the person who did the research and contacted me (because normally is not all the family involved with the process, why would I lie about it) is telling people “stop looking at the camera“, “just act normal” (I must admit I find it very funny).

Woman with a very big smile on her face, she's playing with his son in their backyard. There's a lot of green on the image. Documentary family photographer amsterdam

Well, if you’re planning a documentary photo shoot the first thing I want to say is: RELAX.

Just keep it normal and as long as the session goes by, you’ll stop thinking about the camera. At first, you’ll probably look at me or feel a bit weird with me around. I promise it’s just a few minutes, half an hour max.

But what if my kid look at the camera?

In this case, it’s the same. On many occasions, children look at the camera or act a bit wilder than normal because they want to grab my attention.

kid running towards me at the street market. He's smiling.

It’s ok, I’m a stranger at home and I’m used to this. Within time, they’ll start forgetting about the camera too.

The less you force them to act different because I’m there, the sooner this behavior ends.

You just be the parent you normally are, and they’ll start being the children they normally are too.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to act as I’m not there, I’m a person, we can (and we will) interact.

What you have to forget, and you will, is that there’s a camera there. And once you do (everyone does) all that gets captured by the lens is pure and honest memories.

Dad reading a book to his daughter while she's sitting on the toilet

I know it sounds weird to have someone at home taking the pictures of an ordinary day. And I know as it’s something new, it may take a few minutes to adapt.

We’re humans, creatures of habits, the changes impact our brain. But once I’m there and we start talking, and you slowly start developing your routine, things get smooth and even fun.

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