The Session

Here’s your client’s guide... enjoy!

Welcome to the non-pretentious!

You’re wondering what we’ll do together?
Here’s your client’s guide so you know exactly how the session works.

Follow these easy steps and you will end up with amazing photos of your extraordinary everyday life.

1) We Get In Touch

Click on the link below to contact me so we can schedule a face-to-face planning session.

Not ready for planning a photo shoot yet?

No problem, we can still have a beer or coffee together, we can even plan a playdate for our children, just click and connect!

2) It’s A Date!

Ideally, we’ll meet at your home (that way you can easily introduce me to the other members of your family) and we talk about your session.

I will ask some questions, and you can ask me whatever you need to know.

At this moment, I will recommend avoiding screen time during the photo shoot, that’s the only boring thing that could happen and you won’t want it to be photographed. And I’ll make clear that no, you don’t have to pose or match clothes: you just be you.

If you are ready, at this session you can pay the deposit fee so we can proceed to schedule your session.

(ps: yeah, I’m a person of this era, if you’re too busy or just want a small session, this can be discussed by phone or email)

Amsterdam family and baby photographer
3) Enjoy, Relax… Have Fun!

No matter if it’s just a small session or a full day in the life: you just embrace your chaos, enjoy the opportunity of connecting and having fun with the ones you love the most… you will also have breakfast or dinner, you can take a nap, you can do WHATEVER YOU NEED/WANT TO DO IN A NORMAL DAY.

Do you normally go to the park with your kids and dog? Great, let’s do that!

I will chase you around the house or will join you wherever you may have to go. You just focus on having fun and making memories… I’ll take care of the rest.

Amsterdam family photographer
4) You Get To See Your Photos

After the session, I will have my SD cards full of photographs. To see and to chose them takes time. Especially if they’re from a Day in the Life, it could take decades!

Luckily I have an Elf at home who helps a lot (if you don’t have one, I highly recommend you to get one), so in max 3-4 weeks we have the slideshow or client gallery ready to send so you can see your images and enjoy them with your family.

5) Set, ready, go!

Once you see your photos, you can decide if you want to buy extra prints, photo albums, the full gallery, fine art images or if you just want to keep what you already paid for.

Whatever you chose, I will place the order and once I receive it, I’ll check that every little detail is correct and then me and the Elf will package everything with a lot of love while we sing some work song (you know, to boost our productivity), and once we finish it, we will send it to you so you can hold your brand new family treasure.

Still not ready to rumble?

Well, then you should click which best describes you and get more info about what we can do together so you can have Your Story In Photos