Is mommy brain a real thing?


After pregnancy, your baby arrives and a lot of things change. One of those, it’s your brain.

Yes, mommy brain is a real thing, it happens… but what is it?

A few years ago, scientists discovered that after pregnancy our brain literally changes. Our gray matter decreases and that change, plus the help of a few hormones, doesn’t make us less productive. It just makes us better moms.

The first months of motherhood are full of loving moments that deserve to be captured in a documentary photoshoot

So, what are these changes?

— Oxytocin: This hormone is one of the main characters on all this new thing we woman have to deal with. The love hormone is responsible for making that the first time you smell your baby’s head, your brain’s circuits of placer and recompense get activated. You literally become addicted to your child.
That’s why when going back to work, a lot of women realize they feel like vomiting or have diarrhea. If you deal with that too, you can blame oxytocin. That thing you are feeling is abstinence, and it’s real.
But this hormone is not there just to make you feel miserable when you go back to work, it’s also responsible for you being in a constant state of alert. That’s why you wake up with the littlest movement of your baby: you are always ready to take care and protect your little one, even if you’re asleep.

— The auditive area is more sensible and also, the area in charge of facial recognizing: if you see a picture of your baby crying, you’ll feel threatened, but if you see a picture of your baby smiling, you’ll feel pleasure.

A messy home is not important when your photographer focus in capturing moments, especially during the first days of your baby

— Your gray matter decreases making your brain’s circuits and connections more efficient in critical areas like your frontal lobe (in charge of solving problems, that’s why you become better at multitasking), your temporal lobe (this is why you recognize and understand every little sound your baby makes, and it’s why you know if he’s hungry or in pain) and your hippocampus (and that’s why some things, like the first time your baby walks, you’ll remember it your whole life).

— Of course, these come with a price: our short term memory becomes terrible! We can’t remember small things like a supermarket list, take the clothes out of the dryer, we also forget what we just read… you may possibly forget all this I am writing in just a few hours. Because all your body, all your feelings are focussed in enjoying your motherhood, keeping your baby safe, learning with him and building your unique and beautiful bond.

Keep those changes in photos and show your child how having him changed you.

If you are feeling that way, don’t worry, it’s normal. Having a baby is overwhelming and so many things change.

You will probably remember every little thing of those first years that happen so fast, but wouldn’t be amazing to hold them in images?

Mom smelling her baby's head in a documentary family session at their home, in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

Wouldn’t be incredible if your child when older can see how much you loved to smell his head while holding him on your chest whit your eyes closed and your soul fulfilled with hormones and love?

Let’s make beautiful and tender images of the most amazing moment of your life. Contact here whit me and keep your beautiful story in photos.